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This is a fair and honest review about Mass Money Makers training course, which is currently selling better than any other affiliate training program I have ever seen. I personally opted into it and have personally spent the last two weeks going through the program in its entirety, step-by-protracted-step, but have I found it worthwhile? In the course of my great escapade to become an all time internet marketing great, I have to be honest and say that I got caught by some really awful dishonest marketing ploys (and yes, I should have known better), and I did go through several hundred dollars looking for something that would really work.On 28 December 2010, Mass Money Makers was launched and, boy, are they raking in the bucks big time!So, I paid my $47 and opted in, downloaded their video tutorials (I can't watch them online as my ADSL connection is a bit slow), and I went through them in a monkey see, monkey do fashion. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Money Maker. Unfortunately, the videos are made "on the fly", therefore containing much fluff and stumbling as the videos are not concise. I kept thinking that perhaps I could make my own summary of the course? Something for later on down the line.However, once you get to the real bones of setup, you start to see how this bluff and fluff might make sense.Of course, if you don't know by now, every single online money making system has a disclaimer that indemnifies the site owner from any damages suit that someone might want to rain down on them. However, don't let that deter you, because if your mind is willing and open to learning and possibly a bit of failure, you can and will make money online.But the question remains, is Mass Money Makers a good internet marketing tool to use, does it give you value for money? Does it really work?The answer is, I believe so because unlike any of the other programs that I've opted into previously, this is the most comprehensive program that really does reveal secrets that no other program has yet shown me. It has left me feeling that the developers of Mass Money Makers truly wanted me (and you) to gain work from home on the internet success. They certainly receive a five star rating from me. For more detailed information, visit Money Maker

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