Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Air quality is one of the most important factors in good health but it is also one of the most overlooked areas of home care and cleaning - particularly among Austin homes. The dry and dusty Austin climate provides special challenges for homeowners seeking to cure air quality concerns. Learn how to breathe easy with these air quality tips created especially for Austin home owners. 
1.    Cut the Dust. Instead of using dry dusters, use a spray or moist dust towels to pick-up and eliminate dust. Dry dusting techniques fill the air with dust particles that later settle back on furniture, drapes and flooring. If you are interested, take a look at Commercial Air Duct Cleaning.
2.    Floor Care.Dirt and grime easily collect on carpets and flooring throughout the home. Use a HEPA filter when vacuuming to eliminate the spread of particles through the air and mop floors on a regular basis. 
3.    Fabrics. Upholstery, drapes and other fabrics throughout the home trap dust, pollen and other pollutants including tobacco smoke. Have all fabrics cleaned on a regular basis to reduce the incidents of irritants.  
4.    Avoid Heavy Fragrances & Deodorizers. Many products on the market actually contribute to poor air quality; heavy fragrances often use harsh chemicals to make the air smell good for a short period of time. Unfortunately, these chemicals become part of the problem in the long run. Headaches, eye irritation and other health problems have been associated with the use of heavy household fragrances, deodorizers and even the over-use of candles. 
5.    Mean Cleaners. Chemical cleaners can leave a toxic residue that might actually be harmful to your health. Read labels carefully and avoid using toxic chemicals that can cause breathing problems, eye irritation, skin rashes or other potential medical problems. Many of these toxins can linger in the home long after the original cleaning took place. 
6.    Beware Fresh & New. Even new homes are subject to air quality issues; the raw materials used in manufacturing, flooring and other products are known to give off volatile compounds for quite some time. Consider having carpets cleaned in new homes to reduce the effects. 
7.    Air Ducts. Millions of Austin homes have never had their air ducts cleaned but that might be a big mistake. Consider this; what good does it do to have your carpets, drapes and upholstery cleaned when the air vents are filled with dust, debris, spores and other irritants? Of course it doesn't make sense at all.


Schedule a complete air vent cleaning the next time you have your carpets, tile and other areas of the home cleaned. Complete Austin air duct cleaning providers like Kiwi Services can handle all of your home care needs with one quick call for a complete clean you can see and feel.  For more detailed information, visit Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

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