Bulk Golf Balls

With the number of balls that get lost in golf courses, how do you save on golf balls? Did you know an average of 125,000 balls per year fall into the water at the famous 17th hole of The Players Stadium Course at Sawgrass in Florida?There are other ways that you could loose your these dimpled things in a round of golf hence there is a need to learn how to save on golf balls. Golf is a difficult and frustrating game and many players have lost their patience when their dimpled projectiles fall into the water, or when they drive their projectiles into a rough or a sand trap.The golf course is such a big open field that even pro golfers are known to have their balls disappear. If you are the type of golfer who losses an average of 4 to 5 balls per round, then there is a need for you to study how you can buy golf balls cheap.Using Recycled Golf BallsRecycled balls that are still in premium condition, which are graded and sold by the dozen can be ordered over the Internet. If you are interested, check out Bulk Golf Balls. Some individual golfers sell their used projectiles through newspaper ads or online and yes even your local golf club could be holding a sale of these dimpled projectiles right this very minute.Top grade balls are either marked Grade A or Grade 1 is described as new because they have very small amount of scuffs, pen marks, cuts while less than perfect ones are those that have ink marks, logo, somewhat discolored, and have no cuts are marked as Grade B or Grade 2.Those that are perfect for practice are Grade C or Grade 3 balls because they have more scuffs, pen marks, scratches, and discolored. Of the three you can [3]save on golf balls the most with the Grade C.Buy On Sale and Balls With Logo and MisprintThe holidays and the seasons of fall and winter are usually those times when these balls go on sale at malls, sports stores, and golf shops. Though its not unusual to find balls that have logos, you can [4]save money on golf balls when they are misprinted which is why they are sold cheap.Bulk Golf ballsWhether the balls are new or are recycled, you can usually buy them cheap over the Internet when you buy in bulk. Balls are sold cheap when you buy in bulk over the Internet. As mentioned earlier there are many suppliers of recycled or used golf balls but there are times these companies also sell name brands.Other WaysWhen you try retrieving your out of bounds ball after the game you will in the process also find other player's balls. The more balls you find, the lesser times you need to replenish your ball stock.If you don't retrieve your balls quickly chances are you may never will because in some golf courses employees collect out of bounds balls. To save on golf balls, you can ask though if the club is selling them for a fraction of a cost. For more info visit, Bulk Golf Balls

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