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You can handle a lot of your credit repair business by simply writing a letter. In fact, in some cases, writing a letter is the only way to protect your rights under Federal law. Sending letters instead of making phone calls gives you a paper trail you can use in case the business is supposed to respond in a certain amount of time and they do not.Credit Report Dispute LetterYou can use the credit report dispute letter to get errors removed from your credit report. The credit bureaus are required to remove anything from your credit report that's inaccurate, incomplete, or unverifiable. Your credit report dispute letter should state what you're disputing and give the reason why. If you have any proof that shows your dispute is accurate, send a copy of it with your dispute letter.Pay for Delete LetterA pay for delete letter offers to pay your account in full if the creditor deletes the item from your credit report. This strategy is most effective with accounts that are charged-off or that have been sent to a collection agency. If the creditor has lost hope that you'll ever pay the account, they may agree to a pay for delete. Try to send your letter to a specific person in the company rather than to the general address for correspondence.Goodwill LetterA goodwill letter is used to ask creditors to remove negative information on accounts that have already been paid. Since you don't owe money on these accounts anymore, you can't use payment as a bargaining chip. Instead, you're asking the creditor to help you out as a matter of goodwill. Again, it's better if you can send your goodwill letter to a specific person in the company.Debt Validation LetterWhen your account is assigned to a debt collector, the collector will probably place the account on your credit report. However, if you believe the debt isn't yours or that the collector can't prove the debt, you can ask for validation of the debt. A debt validation letter simply tells the collector that you request verification of the debt. The collector must stop collecting on your debt and remove the account from your credit report until they send proof of the debt to you. If you are interested, check out Credit Fix. Debt Settlement Offer LetterIf you have outstanding delinquent balances and you can't afford to pay them in full or keep up a payment plan, you can offer a settlement. In your settlement letter, briefly explain why you can't pay full payment and include your settlement offer. Make sure your letter explains that if the creditor accepts your settlement, that amount will be full satisfaction for the debt. Request the creditor to return a settlement offer on their company letterhead to be sure the settlement agreement is official.It's a good idea to send all your credit repair letters via certified mail with a return receipt request. The certified mail shows you the date and time the letter was mailed and gives you a way to track delivery of the letter. A return receipt has the signature of the person who actually received the letter. Both of these will help you settle disputes that may come up about when a letter was actually received. For more detailed information, visit Credit Fix.           

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