Neck Muscles

How To Relieve Stress Without DrugsWe live in a high stress modern society. It is not uncommon for a large number of our neck and shoulder muscles to be chronically stressed, frozen, or hypertonic. This is not only what leads to stiffness and pain, but also results in a continuous, fatiguing energy drain.We carry much of our stress in our neck muscles. When these muscles tighten up, they cause other muscles in the body to weaken whenever you move your head. In other words, other muscles in your body tend to become reactive to your neck muscles when you are under stress.There are many causes for neck stress and there are many ways to correct neck stress. The basic cause of neck stress is what we call- "Repetitive Muscle Stress," RMS.Muscles we discovered are the missing link to our aches and pains. We need to restore the muscle tone that was lost by doing repetitive or strenuous activities caused by accident or injury.Muscles pull bones! Bones do not pull muscles. When we balance the muscles, the pain may diminish. When given time to heal, the pain goes away completely. Muscles have to work together in groups or in pairs. If you have neck stress from turning your head, other muscles have to relax. The signal has to come from the brain to relax muscles. However, if the signal has been blocked by stress or an injury, the result may create pain. This is why we say we work with the body-mind.Here is a sample technique for "Neck Stress Release." This technique sends a signal to the brain to release the tension in the neck muscles and also, corrects reactive interactions with other muscles. There are muscle fibers in the neck that run up and down the neck and around the whole neck.Do some neck rolls. Look up with the head, then you look left, right and down. If you are interested, check out Neck Muscles. Gently pinch the neck muscles in and up and down direction with your thumb and index finger. Work on each side of your neck from front to back and on both sides. It is important to keep your thumb facing downward. Go around the whole neck. You can pretend that your thumb and index finger is a little "Pacman" gently nibbling on your neck. This activates the sensor cells under the skin and sends a signal to the brain to relax the neck muscles. Here are some benefits of the "Neck Release."Computer operators repetitively look from their display down to their keyboard or over to material they are working on.Hyperactive school children reduce stress by looking at the teacher or looking around the room.It improves performance in sports such as golf, basketball and tennis.Also, it can be helpful in reducing vertigo and balance problems. Most people getting up from a sitting position have a natural tendency to look down. As a result, the muscles in the neck signal the muscles in the legs to go weak. The simple "Neck Release" technique may eliminate most vertigo conditions.  For more detailed information, visit Neck Muscles

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