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If you're really serious about becoming a money maker in the currency markets, just keep reading and I will explain how to do it quickly, efficiently and most important of all, lucratively. First, you don't have to learn Forex trading from its most basic concepts to its most advanced principles. What you have to learn is a proven time tested lucrative "Forex Strategy" that you can understand and perfect.
There are many of these around and they only take a fraction of the time to become an expert in one of them as opposed to try and know everything about the markets. These are exactly the same investing techniques the big time professional currency investors use to produce there enormous incomes with.
A few of these investment methods are called Forex scalping, trend trading and price action investing. I mentioned these because there are excellent Forex training courses that instruct each one of these specific lucrative systems. If you are interested, check out Learn the Forex. They are all taught by the top specialist in there field and are designed with the new comer to the markets in mind. 
For the most part they are easy to learn and simple to trade with. They are perfect for the new investor because they keep risk to a minimum. Don't misunderstand me, they provide exceptional returns on your investment too. But, since these techniques have been in existence for years they have been refined to avoid that one constant threat we all hate, large loses.
The names of these programs that will help you learn Forex trading and only one Forex strategy are the following; Hector Trader, Forex Trading Made E Z and 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder. When you have a chance to review there websites I am sure you will find them most interesting and hopefully lead to something most financially rewarding. For more detailed information, visit Learn the Forex.   

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