Living In London

Life in London is tough. My friend moved to London after just finishing University. The experience is second to none but is it too much of a hectic place to live? Getting a job in London is hard enough to find considering there are so many people out there. My friend moved to a very central area of London called, Kensington. It is quite expensive to live and taking in to account that he doesn't have a job, it doesn't seem to make much sense! He has tried to find work through recruitment agencies and asking around but he hasn't had much luck! His flat is far too expensive for the little money that he is pulling in and everything from food to drink is way more expensive than anywhere else in the country. If you are interested, check out Living In London. As we studied together at University in Plymouth we both wanted a similar job in the design industry. Our course was entitled, 'Interactive Media' so web design was a great progression on from that. Instead of London I decided to live in Brighton. They call Brighton, 'London by the sea' and I would say it is quite an accurate phrase. Brighton is lively and full of culture. I have everything I need without the hassle of London. Jobs are easier to come by and the pay bracket is actually very similar to how it would be in London. So why put up with the hassle of living in London? I find London to be overcrowded and far too hectic for my liking but apparently that's where the money is!? Well I can tell you, through my experiences that is not true. Maybe sometime in the past it was financially beneficial to head over to London to pick up a bigger wage packet but I don't think that is completely the case anymore. Other cities around the country offer great jobs with great pay but without the hectic, polluted and busy life style. Additionally the cost of living away from London is incredible. The amount of money you save from not being in the UK capital is astronomical.I swear loads of people go and live in London just to say, "ooohh I live in London!". It doesn't impress me in the slightest. In my opinion all the opportunities life has to offer can happen in cities outside of London too. It doesn't all revolve around it! For more detailed information, visitLiving In London.

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