There are few people that have outstanding eating and exercise habits, but for the rest of us, we could use some help. 90% of us to be more specific could use some help in our diets and exercise habits. But let's not focus on the negative; let us look at a few easy steps to help us improve our overall health. Being even more specific how can the women of the world help themselves in their health goals? The answer is easy, start a vitamin supplementation regiment. The complicated part is what to start taking. Unfortunately, not all of us have a doctor telling us exactly what to take. So we need to do a little research. Here is your guide to the best vitamin supplementation that is essential for women:CalciumThe most obvious concern on the whole for women is protecting against osteoporosis. It is a devastating condition weakens the bone mass by deteriorating it and making bone more porous, more specifically susceptible to fractures. In conclusion, you will need calcium and Vitamin D regularly in your diet. Really you want to focus on calcium, but when taken with vitamin D, Calcium is easier to absorbed in the body.As much as most of us enjoy basking in the sun, it is not the best way to get your vitamin D. If you are interested, check out Vitamins. For most of us we can not get adequate amounts of vitamin D all year round because of winter and besides we should really get it everyday so a vitamin supplements is an easier way of vitamin D regulation. Plus with supplementation you can also help regulate your calcium intake too!IronIron is one of the more common supplements for active women, women that are constantly tired, or pregnant women that are obviously tired. Iron deficiency is very common even if you eat right and are active and you do not need to be anemic for low iron levels to affect your energy or lack there of. Iron is an essential trace mineral that is needed in order for cells to functionAntioxidantsIn today's culture it is very common for women to have glowing skin and marketers in the US spend millions of dollars to make this at the top of every woman's mind. But there is more to it than applying a nice lotion and having soft youthful looking skin. In reality having good skin can reflect just how you take care of yourself inside and outside. And making sure that you get antioxidants like Vitamins A, C and E is a key to maintaining inner and outer beauty. Vitamin A is a beneficial antioxidant the aides in maintaining healthy eyes and maintains healthy tissue on a cellular level. While vitamin C encourages quick healing, reducing the risk of cancer, defend the skin from sun damage and aid in the prevention of heart disease. As you may know vitamin E helps our cells age gracefully, while assisting in their protection. This antioxidant is know to aide in the prevention of heart disease, memory loss and cancerVitamin BSo vitamin B is a good vitamin, but vitamin B12 is one of these essentials. If you don't know that you are getting it regularly in your diet, then it can be easily added to your diet. It can be found in shellfish, eggs, poultry, milk and red meat, but even easier it can be found the best multivitamins, simply because it makes it easy to add proper amounts daily. Vitamin B12 is known to prevent memory loss, nerve damage, anemia, heart disease and depression. For more details, visit Vitamins.

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